• The Red Knight

  • The Fool

The Red Knight

The Red Knight

The Red Knight is capable of immense strength, only when in full armour is he invincible. He sits uncomfortably and peeps through his protection, holding himself in fear. There are no weapons; his armour is protection against inner fear as well as outward blows.

This is man’s inner self peeping to see if he dares to come out to face his own demons and his own weakness. This character has lived through our time in many forms and I am sure I will paint him again.

My references are from the film “The Fisher King”, the Arthur legends of Galahad and Lancelot and the Norse legends of the Red Knight. The legend of the Red Knight has his groin wounded which suggests impotence. He is always in need of help from his fellow knights who need each other to make any sense out of their purpose and their quest for the Grail. The inner most powerful force that all who seek die for.

The Fool

The Fool

This is one of the clothed lay figures.

The Fool sits on its plinth for all to see. He is a jester; his face rests on his knee gazing into space – a dark void, there is no light there. He is looking for anything to amuse himself. His fists are pushed together reminding him that he is still there.

As with all fools, the outer camouflage is not the picture of the inner self.

To jest on command is a hard price to pay.

Some of my references are cross gartered “Malvolio” from 12th night and the long eared cap from the “Grinning Man”. I think this lay figure might have played this role before!