• The Constant Battle

  • Spirit of Soul

  • At All Cost

A continual theme of slavery

Out of all the work I am showing I find these the hardest to describe and the hardest to paint for fear of belittling the subjects they touch upon.

Slavery. A reference to the unsung slaves of the studio obviously refers to the use of a facsimile of the human form an object made in the image of man cannot have any feeling. But the word has a haunting sound.

Do the lay figures fall into the same category as robots, artificial intelligence, dolls and puppets controlled by a master? Pinnochio – at what time does this puppet live? And at what time does the control stop? These paintings talk about the emotional struggle and not the physical. They engage the audience’s emotions within this subject – set on plinths for all to view, proud of their own identity and holding on to life despite their external controlling force.