I describe myself as an artist; it’s the profession I work within. Most of my work emerges as paintings and drawings – all of which are in a constant state of flux between an audience and me. I collect observational information through the process of drawing and I re-present it. I also teach which allows me to share this process. Painters use a surface to translate their experiences and ideas that connect to an audience, I am no different. Working on these surfaces the dialog used to describe three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface has long been an artists’ question and a connection between painter and sculptors.

My paintings have revolved around a fascination with architecture, space and place. The shelters we build to live and work in and to come together in, from sheds to cathedrals are strong in my imagery. The memory that history holds of a place that we occupy is measured by time and distance, and visual stories.

My spaces have now become populated by figures that span history; these lay figures have been here before. Time as we know it divides space and my paintings are beginning to consider these connections. The lay figures clothing fits around a mechanical form; a different form of architecture. These connections and the place and space that these lay figures occupy, along with their history, will be the focus of my work for some time to come.